Why is the Baha abutment made of titanium?

Question: I lost my abutment. It came unscrewed. Is this covered by insurance? I am 74 and had the Baha procedure done 3 years ago. A whole new world opened for me, even at my age. Listening to music for the first time in 50 years! My doctor says the replacement titanium abutment post is very expensive. I am on Medicare. Do you think this is covered? Why does the abutment have to be titanium? I know why the implant has to be titanium but the abutment does not have to integrate to bone. //Will

Answer: Dear Will,

Sorry to hear about your abutment becoming unscrewed. The good thing is that replacement is usually covered by some insurance policies. As there are plenty of variability between policies, you will need to check through you health care professional with the provider. Our team in the USA can give you some guidance with insurance.

Great question on the abutment. Yes, the abutment is also titanium, Either polished or with newer abutments designs it is coated with a thin calcium surface. There are three key reasons why it is also titanium:

  1. As it is exposed to the body it must be medical grade to avoid any adverse reactions
  2. It should be the same metal as the implant as two different metals in contact could lead to corrosion
  3. It is relatively easy to machine, sturdy and lightweight


~ Mark C. Flynn, PhD Audiologist, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions



Illustration of a titanium implant inserted into the bone, and the abutment surrounded by skin