Amelia’s life changing Baha moment


This year, Amelia Leach from Australia, will be able to hear her young son’s first words!

She was just fitted with her new Baha Attract System.

Hearing care professional Sharon King, of Sharon King Hearing Centres, says:

“The Baha Attract system is good news for people with single-sided deafness , or those who have other outer or middle ear issues which stop sound from reaching their cochlea, as this system transmits sound through bone (i.e. your skull). The surgery is minimally invasive. Additionally, no implant is visible through the skin, as the sound processor is attached to the head via a magnet positioned under the skin. That’s just one of the great benefits of the Baha Attract system.”

Amelia’s ear drums were perforated right after birth, which left her with severe hearing loss. Hearing aids helped, but not without complications.

“There was this constant buzzing, constant background noise,” says Amelia, “and now I don’t have any of that. I can hear if someone’s on the phone in the other room. I wouldn’t be able to tell you that before.”

For Amelia and her husband, the timing couldn’t be more perfect – their two-year-old son Eric is just starting to learn to talk.

Mrs Leach said she couldn’t wait to hear his words ring out among the babbling toddler talk, and was looking forward to helping him “pronounce things a little better”.

“This is the best Christmas present ever.”

Watch Amelia’s “Baha moment” here: