In the news: Anthony, 29, has switched to the Baha Attract System


29-year old builder and rugby player Anthony King from Inverell, Australia, has been deaf all his life.

From the age of three he used a bone conductor held on a headband. The device worked but unfortunately caused him discomfort, sometimes even chafing his skin raw. The device also only provided a directional sound, meaning he had to be facing the source of a sound to know where it came from.

On November 17th 2014, all that changed when Anthony was fitted with a Cochlear Baha Attract System on each side – giving him bilateral hearing. He said it is a very new experience.

“Probably the sound quality, I’ve heard a few things I’ve never heard before. Things sound a lot different.”

Anthony has always been very active – playing on the rugby paddock, riding saddle broncs and bulls, training working dogs and roping horses. He definitely plans to continue his hobbies – just maybe in a bit more careful way. Not because of the Baha Attract – but because he’s soon to become a father for the first time.

“I’ve always been rough and ready, in rugby or rodeo, or something a bit dangerous, but now I’m taking a little bit of a step back. Getting old and soft now,” he grinned.

Congratulations to Anthony to soon being able to hear the lovely sounds of his newborn!

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