Thankful for: the gift of hearing

Here’s a lovely story from Cochlear Americas:

Maeve, one of our engagement managers in Cochlear Americas, had the privilege of meeting Noelle about a month ago.

Noelle is just 3 months old and weighs 5 lbs. She was born with a bilateral conductive hearing loss as well as multiple other health issues. For Noelle’s family, a Baha Softband is not covered by their insurance. With all of Noelle’s other baha-softband-childmedical expenses, they just couldn’t afford to purchase one themselves.

Noelle’s audiologist put the family in touch with Tanya at The HearAid Foundation. Not knowing if Noelle would benefit from the Baha, Maeve suggested providing the family with a loaner for a couple of weeks to see how she would react. This is the email she received from Noelle’s Mom:

“Just thought I should give you a quick update on Noelle, this Baha has been amazing. I love seeing Noelle being more aware of what is going on around her. She hears sounds and looks to see what they are, and she is now tracking sounds by hearing them and then following them with her eyes (she didn’t do this before the Baha). She also reminds us every morning to put her band on by fussing until her “ears” are on. It is simply amazing how much she has changed just by having the ability to hear. She also began smiling just days after receiving the Baha. Thank you so much for giving her the gift of hearing. I pray we find a way to make it permanent. Thank you so much for your help and support.”

Maeve spoke with the HearAid Foundation and they will move forward with purchasing the Baha for Noelle thus giving this precious Angel the gift of hearing and answering Mom’s prayers.

What could be better than this?


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