How to pair your wireless Phone Clip with the Baha 4 Sound Processor


Here’s a simple guide to pairing your Phone Clip with your Baha 4 Sound Processor:

  1. Turn off the Baha 4 Sound Processor
  2. Ensure the Phone Clip is fully charged and turn it on, remove the silver cap and press the white pairing button using the tip of a pen or similar object. The Phone Clip will now be in pairing mode for 20 seconds.
  3. Turn on the Baha 4 Sound Processor

Successful pairing will be indicated by an audible melody in the sound processor.

To connect with your smartphone:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth function on the smartphone
  2. Turn on the Phone Clip
  3. Press the Bluetooth pairing button on the Phone Clip
  4. Search new devices and select “Hearing Aid Phone” on your phone

You can also check out all manuals and instructional how-to videos on our international website.