Baha abutment and MRI


Question: Dear Expert. I had a Baha implanted about six years ago after undergoing a surgery for the removal of a hemangioma in the geniculate ganglion. As a result, I lost the hearing in my left ear (the side of the tumor) .

For a general check up I was sent for an MRI, however the technicians have no idea whether this implant interferes with the magnetic resonance… I would like to emphasize that mine is not a cochlear implant but a bone conduction hearing aid. //Leah

Answer: Dear Leah,

MRI and medical implants are important issues.

For the Baha Connect System, the system you have, as long as the sound processor is removed you can be scanned by MRI without any additional risk. There will be some slight shadow effects caused by the implant and the abutment.

For the Baha Attract System, as there is an implanted magnet, the system is conditionally approved to 1.5T and there will be a larger area of shadow. For any additional strength or to reduce the area of shadow and artefacts then the magnet can be temporarily removed in a straightforward procedure.

The technician will be able to find additional information in the Baha MRI card that came with your system. If you do not have the card then you can obtain one from the hospital or clinical that is responsible for your hearing health care.


~ Mark C. Flynn, PhD Audiologist, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions