Ask the expert: Can the Baha solution help my tinnitus?

Question: Is the Baha bone conduction implant recommended for a patient with “ear noise” and diagnosis of hearing loss? Also, does it help the “noise” go away? //Sharon

Answer: Dear Sharon. Thank you for your mail.

Both the Baha Connect and the Baha Attract Systems are suitable for people who have a deafness in one ear and normal hearing in the other ear. The Baha systems will help you to hear sound from the poor hearing side. Sound that is normally in the “shadow” will now be amplified to the normal hearing side via bone conduction. In addition to improved audibility, this will also lead to two key benefits; better understanding of speech in noise – especially when the speaker is on the poor hearing side – and awareness of sound from the poor side¹.

That said, bone conduction hearing implants are a solution for audibility and unfortunately not for relief of noises in the poor ear, or tinnitus. Generally speaking, you should expect no change to your tinnitus as the signal is being transferred to the good ear. Your hearing care professional will take tinnitus into account in the candidacy evaluations to ensure that it is managed correctly.

Best of luck!

~ Mark C. Flynn, PhD Audiologist, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions


1. Flynn, M. C., Sammeth, C., Cire, G. Sadeghi, A. & Halvarsson, G. (2010). Baha for single-sided sensorineural deafness: Review and recent technological innovations. Seminars in Hearing, 31(4), 326-341.

3 thoughts on “Ask the expert: Can the Baha solution help my tinnitus?

  1. Hi I has baha fitted 1 month ago and I can feel the metal Sticking out my skin is that suppose to happen?It’s sticking out in 2 places around the cap


    • Hi Deborah, thank you for your comment. To be able to get medical advice, it’s best you contact your hearing care professional or surgeon for a consultation.

      I hope this helps.

      Warm regards,
      Rebecca Jones
      The Baha Blog admin


  2. I recently had an operation three weeks ago. Now I have the BAHA 5 Superpower sound processor. I also installed the BAHA 5 Smart App onto iPhone 6. After an extensive testing on BAHA 5 Smart app on iPhone 6. I counter some problems with this app. When I receive a call, I find it very difficult to hear the person who was talking to me while at the same time the background sound was overpowering, even I turn the volume up, I find the background sound is very distracting. This also same applied for iTune app. Again the background sound was overpowering or very distracting the music I was listening to. There is no way I could reduced the background sounds. This also applied for Siri app as well. Background sound was overpowering Siri voice and then again I could not reduced the background sound. Another problem is I tried to use Start Live Listen, when it is switch on I am getting a lot of echo sounds when I am in the Pub with friends or in the Victoria station or in a restaurant with friends. This need to be fix. The only time I could hear the person who calling or to listen to the iTune music or to hear Siri voice when I am in a quiet room where the background sound is reduced to minimum. Please tell technician to fix these problems. I look forward for upgrade for BAHA 5 Smart App.


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