Catching up with Zoe – the first Baha Attract patient in the UK


This week we caught up with Zoe Holmes – the first Baha Attract recipient in the UK!

Q: Hi Zoe, how are you doing?

A: Well it’s nearly been a year – I can’t believe it! I love being able to hear everything again.

Q: What has been the biggest difference in your life since you received the Baha Attract System?

A: It has been to hear my 9-year old daughter sing in her school plays without having to sit at the very front like I did before. To hear thing I hadn’t heard in a long time, such as police cars, traffic and people talking in a normal voice, not shouting at me. I love being able to listen to music, going out with mates and family and watching TV and have it going straight to my Baha sound processor using my audio adapter lead which I can use in my phone.

Q: What was the surgery like?

A: Well, it was a bit scary when I was told I was the first in the UK to have it done! But it went very well and the aftercare is minimal with the Baha Attract.


Q: How does the magnet feel?

A: I had a bit of trouble when I first had it fitted, but now I don’t even feel it anymore. The sound processor doesn’t fall off easily but I still wear my safety line when I’m going out.

Q: What do your friends and family think of your new hearing device?

A: My family loves it as they don’t need to shout at me anymore and my friends love it too.

Q: Thanks a lot for your time, Zoe, keep us informed on how you’re doing!

A: I will!


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