You asked… we answer: Can I wear the Baha Attract System on both sides?

Question: I have the Baha Attract System on my left side. But hearing in my right ear is as bad as my left ear. Can I wear two Baha 4 Attract Systems (one  for each side)? // Steve

Answer: Hi Steve,

Thank you for submitting your question, and it is great that you are using the Baha Attract System!

It is definitely possible to use the Baha Attract System on both sides. Having two hearing devices provides many benefits over just having one. Key reported benefits are better hearing in noisy situations, better localisation of sounds and better hearing from the other side, compared to wearing one hearing device (1-5). This is the same for hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone conduction hearing implants – and the Baha Attract System is no exception!

Your hearing care professional will be able to help provide more information and assess if wearing the Baha Attract System also on the right side will be the best solution for you.

Best of luck!

~ Martin Bryman, Senior Product Manager, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions

Watch: 17-year old Alex is fitted with the Baha Attract System for the very first time


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