Eliana, 3, finally gets the gift of a Baha 4 Sound Processor!


Three-year old Eliana was born with hearing loss. Her right ear is affected by atresia/microtia, which makes it impossible for her to use a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Eliana’s parents first learned about the Baha System at a picnic for families with atresia/microtia organised by the Ear Community in California, USA. There, Eliana was able to try a Baha sound processor on a Baha Softband for the first time.

“Her reaction was priceless!” Eliana’s mother Veronica recalls. “I asked her if she could hear and she said yes. Was it loud or was it perfect and Eliana said it was perfect.”

When Eliana got home, she told her father, Santiago, all about the “noise maker” she had been wearing and how much she wanted one.

Veronica and Santiago inquired about the Baha System through their audiologist. Unfortunately, the family was denied insurance coverage for the device and the out-of-pocket cost was beyond what the family could afford. They were encouraged to apply again through the appeals process and were denied a second time. With no other avenues left, Veronica decided to apply to the Ear Community for help.

This August, Eliana was fitted with a new Baha 4 Sound Processor on a Baha Softband. Driving to the audiology office, Veronica said that Eliana kept singing in the car: “I’m gonna get my hearing aid, I’m gonna get my hearing aid.” It was a very joyous day for Eliana and her whole family.

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