Help reducing wind noise

Question: Can you help me? I have had bilateral Baha 3 Power Sound Processors for a week now, but the wind noise is really bad even when there’s not much wind. Have you any advice how to reduce it? With thanks, Terry, Carlisle, UK.

Answer: Hi Terry!

Thank you for your question. Wind noise outside can be a problem for any hearing device due to the turbulence created as the wind passes across the microphones.  Your Baha sound processor has been designed to reduce disturbing windnoise, though it cannot be completely eliminated. These designs include a special mesh and wind fins on the front of your sound processor to reduce the impact of wind noise.

Of course some wind noise may still get through. In these situations, we have developed a specific “outdoor” listening program which many patients have reported reduces the annoyance of wind noise. Your hearing care professional can easily program this outdoor program option  into your sound processor. Then, when outside, just change to the outdoor program and you should notice a decrease in wind noise.


~ Mark C. Flynn, PhD Audiologist, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions

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