“One year on from the greatest gift for our girl” – how one community raised enough money for a little girl to get ear reconstruction


In August 2012, two Australian parents decided to start raising money to give their then three-year-old hearing impaired girl an operation that could only be done 11,000 kms away in the US – and had the potential to change her life forever.

Last year on August 13, little Alana finally received her life-changing surgery, correcting her malformed external ears and giving her the gift of hearing with a bone conduction device.

It was all done thanks to the generous community of Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia who raised $108,000 for the family to help their daughter get the surgery she needed.

Four weeks after the surgery, Alana’s fifth birthday came around while she was recovering in her hotel room.

“Taking her for a hearing test that afternoon, we just hoped they’d showed improvement”, says Mom Emma Reid. “But we were in for a huge shock. ‘Alana’s hearing loss is now only moderate to mild,’ the doctor said. ‘And it’s likely to improve further in the next few months.’ It was the best birthday gift we could have ever given her.”

Today Alana is six and goes to school like any child with normal hearing. And she loves her new ears!

“I know she will grow up very grateful knowing the gift she was given by a community that will forever be in our hearts”, says Emma.”

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Alanas brother BaileyAlana

For someone with Alana’s medical condition, atresia/microtia, bone conduction devices are the only option for better hearing. Due to their deformed ears and ear canals, they cannot benefit from in-the-ear hearing aids. Now the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in the United States have proposed a new rule to eliminate Medicare coverage of bone anchored hearing solutions. This means that for people like Alana, the gift of hearing will no longer be available to them.

Help us stop this from happening by visiting www.HelpNowHearAlways.com and signing the petition!