BBC news story: Baha user Kieran, 9, got new ears created from his ribs


How amazing is this!

Baha user Kieran Sorkin, 9, got new ears –  completely made of cartilage from his ribs!

Kieran was born with bilateral atresia/microtia which meant that both his ears were just small lobes. His hearing loss was helped at a young age with Baha implants but nothing was done about his ears – until now.

Kieran was teased at school and wanted nothing but to look like everyone else, ever since he saw a TV programme at age six about ear surgery.

“Everytime I see someone I think to myself, ‘I want ears like that’,” says Kieran in a news clip from BBC. “And now I’m going to have them!”

The operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK took six hours, where plastic and reconstructive surgeon Neil Bulstrode took cartilage from ribs in his chest and sculpted it into a perfect pair of ears. He used Kieran’s mother Louise’s ears as framework.

“Mom, I’m going to have your ears!” exclaimed a delighted Kieran in the video clip.

Mr Bulstrode grafted the ears onto Kieran’s head under pockets of skin and then used a vacuum to shape the skin to over the contours.

Kieran’s father, David Sorkin, said:

“We’re absolutely on cloud nine. We could not have wished for a better result. They look like normal ears, he had nothing but has got proper sized ears now and they cover the gap where ears should have been. They look normal bar a couple of sewing marks which will go away in time. His reaction was just a “wow”, he is very happy!”

kieran-sorkin-baha-hearingProud of his new ears! Kieran with his family; father David, mother Louise and sister Mia after the operation.

Mr Bulstrode said:

“This is a major operation but it brings a significant improvement in quality of life for children with microtia. Their confidence improves exponentially and their performance at school improves. If you can improve a young person’s confidence, you can alter their whole trajectory in life.”