Join the Fight to Preserve Patient Access to Bone Anchored Hearing Solutions – ACT NOW!


Do you, or someone you know, struggle with hearing loss? If so, it is important for you to know that the United States Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a new rule to eliminate Medicare coverage of bone anchored hearing solutions (or osseointegrated hearing implants) in 2015.

The new rule centers on the potential reclassification of bone anchored hearing solutions as hearing aids, not prosthetics (as they currently stand). We need to let CMS know that they had it right in the first place. Bone anchored hearing aids work differently than hearing aids – they are surgically implanted devices that replace the function of the cochlea or middle ear. They are also often the last resort for many patients who have tried and did not receive benefit from hearing aids.

For others, like 10 month old Ashlyn Dowell, they are the only option for better hearing due to conditions such as microtia and atresia (deformity or absence of the outer ear). Watch Ashlyn’s story.

If the rule is approved, thousands of people in the United States could be left with no other option for better hearing. They need your help now. It is critical for the global hearing loss community to join forces in opposing this rule before the other insurance carriers follow suit. We need to make sure that everyone is given the opportunity for better hearing.

Join the fight to keep coverage by visiting and signing the petition. You don’t have to be American to sign – the more support from around the world, the better!

The deadline to show your support is August 29, 2014, so don’t wait. We need your help now!

2 thoughts on “Join the Fight to Preserve Patient Access to Bone Anchored Hearing Solutions – ACT NOW!

  1. Yeah sure, we need to make certain that everyone is afforded the chance for more serious listening. Till now this Baha implant system has helped more than lakhs of people for getting their quality hearing. And in US only thousands enjoyed the profound change in hearing such prosthetic make possible. Finally, CMS is still considering changing this policy and this is going to affect thousands of American. These changes not only gonna affect new candidates who are good for this type of prosthetic, but the current recipients who can’t able to upgrade their technology due to the loss of these significant benefits.


  2. I totally disagree that our government should continue covering these devices as we are already buried in loads of debt. If this is covered, why isn’t my hearing aid covered? If those are covered, why not cover my hearing aid batteries, etc.

    Also, how many millions does the company stand to lose if this coverage changes?


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