Tip of the week: what to do if you get your Baha sound processor wet

Every Wednesday, Mark Flynn, PhD, Cochlear’s Audiologist and Director of Research and Applications, gives his best Baha tips!

While prevention is best, sometimes accidents do happen! If you get your Baha sound processor wet, we recommend that you right away turn it off, open the battery door and remove the battery. Then place it in a dry-aid kit overnight. If you don’t have access to a dry-aid kit, let it dry with the battery compartment open in a warm and dry place for a long time. Often a small container with some rice or silica gel (e.g. like you get with running shoes) can be a solution as well. Discuss with your health care professional about how to get a dry-aid kit like the ones pictured below.


Do NOT try to speed up the drying process with a hair dryer or hand dryer, as the heat and rapid air might damage the electrical components. Also avoid leaving it in direct sunlight.

Once you are sure that all parts of your sound processor are completely dry, try putting the battery back in and turning it on. If it works just like before , you can go on without taking any further action. If you experience any problems whatsoever, contact your health care professional to get your sound processor repaired.

For more tips check out the support section on Cochlear.com!

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