4-year old Noel’s parents see great advantages with the wireless Mini Microphone

Baha users can connect to the world in a whole new way now, thanks to the Baha 4 Sound Processor and Cochlear’s wireless accessories. And they can be especially beneficial for children.

For 4-year old Noel’s parents, the Mini Microphone in particular proved to be very helpful in their daily life.

Noel Landström was born with atresia/microtia, which meant he wasn’t able to benefit from normal ear hearing aids. It wasn’t until he was one year old that he first got to try the Baha System with a Baha Softband.

Both Noel’s parents, Cecilia and Göran, noticed a big change in their son right away.

”We were able to communicate with him on a whole different level,” says Göran. “And now he’s interacting with his friends and brothers just like any normal hearing four year old would.”

noel-baha-userWhen eating out, Noel’s parents sometimes place the Mini Microphone on the table so Noel can follow the conversation over the background noise

In 2013 Noel was upgraded to two new Baha 4 Sound Processors. Cecilia and Göran both experience that they give better sound and less feedback than the earlier devices.

”When Noel was fitted with his new sound processors, we noticed that they are much less sensitive to touch,” says Cecilia. “And the feedback is greatly reduced.”

The biggest surprise for the family was the Mini Microphone accessory that connects wirelessly to Noel’s sound processors. It can both be used for streaming music and for clipping on someone’s collar so Noel is able to hear them better in particularly noisy situations or over a distance.

Wireless Mini MicrophoneThe Mini Microphone is 3 cm wide and 6 cm long and clips firmly on to a collar

“To be able to speak normally into the microphone instead of yelling is really an enormous advantage. I don’t need to scream or shout at Noel anymore if we are on a playground, for example. I just speak in my normal voice into the Mini Mic and he’ll hear me just as well as if I were standing next to him,” explains Cecilia. “It’s also a great tool for his pre-school teachers as well.”

Noel-mini-microphone Noel can hear his mother up to seven meters away when she speaks into the microphone

When Noel watches movies on his iPad, Göran and Cecilia place the Mini Microphone behind it, so it transmits the sound to Noel’s sound processors and he can better enjoy his favourite movies – completely wirelessly.

But the absolute biggest advantage is that they don’t need to bother Noel while connecting an accessory to his sound processor.

”He hated that we would take away his ability to hear, if only for a few seconds,” says Göran. ”Now we don’t need to borrow his sound processors to attach anything to them anymore. We just switch the microphone on via the remote control and then he hears us. It has really helped us tremendously in our daily life.”

Here’s an illustration of how the Mini Microphone works:

how-cochlear-baha-wireless-mini-microphone-worksIn a noisy environment like the classroom, every decibel counts. When the teacher wears the Mini Microphone it connects wirelessly to the student’s Baha 4 Sound Processor, and the student can hear what’s being said.

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