When will a fully implantable Baha solution be available?

Question: My daughter McCartney is 18 months old, she got her Baha sound processors when she was 12 months and they have changed her life! My husband and I frequently discuss what the future holds for her, considering how fast technology is progressing. So my question is how far off is a completely sub dermal Baha system? //Sara

Answer: Dear Sara,

It’s great to hear that the Baha Softband has made such a difference in your daughter’s life. As early intervention is key to language development, it’s fantastic that she has been wearing her Baha Softband since she was 12 months old!

To answer your question, we are constantly developing Baha technologies with the aim of not only improving hearing performance, but also minimising the size of the external parts of the system. As a publically listed company, we are not able to disclose any specific information related to the commercial availability or scope of future products. That said, you should expect consistent improvements in future products: to be more discreet in terms of size and design, and to feature more and more advanced sound technologies. The reality is that totally implantable bone conduction systems pose significant technical and clinical challenges, and are unlikely to be available in the near future with the technology that exists today.

When your daughter is old enough for an implant, there are two systems currently available; the Baha Connect and Baha Attract systems. Most children may be good candidates for the Baha Attract System. The main benefit here is that the implant provides connectivity to the external sound processor via a small magnet implanted under the skin. This means that the implant is invisible under the skin and there is nothing to see but intact skin when the  sound processor isn’t worn.  When wearing the the sound processor, it is often hidden beneath the hair.  If your daughter benefits from the Baha system on a Softband today, she is very likely to benefit even more from the Baha Attract system in the future. Consult with your hearing care professional on which system best matches your daughter’s needs.

Baha Attract SystemAnge demonstrates the Baha Attract System off and on

We continue to lead the industry in investment in research and development, and you should know that we are very much committed to ensuring people like your daughter have access to the very best hearing solutions as the technology becomes available.

Watch the video of 17-year old Alex being fitted with the Baha Attract System!