In the news: Actor Billy Coughlin had his hearing restored with the Baha Attract System


Young British actor Billy Coughlin who we wrote about in April, is featured in an article in Dailymail about his experience with the Baha Attract System:

A revolutionary magnetic implant has restored the hearing of a young actor who went deaf in one ear at the age of 17 – and gives new hope to the thousands of Britons who cannot benefit from traditional hearing aids.

Billy Coughlin, 22, from Birmingham, underwent the groundbreaking procedure in March and says:

“I can now hear the smallest noises, like footsteps. It sounds silly but these are things I’ve not been able to hear for five  or six years. I finally feel I’m my normal self again.”

Surgeon Matthew Trotter Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham explains:

“The great thing about this new implant is there is no screw poking out. The receiver attaches to a small magnet under the skin so when  it’s removed, the head looks completely normal.”

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