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Subject: Baha Attract System
Question: I am on the list for an operation with the Baha Attract System and I wonder about the following questions.
I have a rather easy reacting skin. Are there patients who show allergic reactions on the magnetimplant. Or are there other negative physical reactions on the magnet? //Nelly Nouwen

Answer: Hi Nelly! Although titanium is a relatively inert metal there are very rare case reports of irritation or possible allergy to it. The same is true to the material the soft pad is composed of. However these are quite rare. If reactions are a significant concern – a preop allergy skin test could be preformed. Also important is to make sure the lowest magnet strength needed to keep the device on is used as well.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Pete Weber, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Cochlear Americas

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