Randi was deaf in one ear for ten years – before she got her bone conduction implant

Randi, an American 37-year old woman, was deaf in one ear for ten years before she got her bone conduction implant. It wasn’t until she read an article about another Baha user that she started researching the Baha solution herself and contacted her hearing care professional. When Randi was fitted with her sound processor she couldn’t believe how simple it was. That this little processor could bring back the sounds she’d lost ten years ago.

Randi says that the novelty of hearing from both sides still hasn’t worn off:

“Every day is a new day. I’m hearing so many different things that you just take for granted. I can hear all those sounds I did 10 years ago. I can hear the ocean. I can hear the rain.”

She concludes:

“I can’t believe I didn’t know for so long. You shouldn’t have to wait ten years.”

Don’t waste any time if you become hearing impaired or suspect that you are losing your hearing! There are so many ways to get help – if you just identify the early signs. Get help now!

Find a clinic here. Connect with your local Cochlear office in social media here.


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