Showering after Baha surgery


This Wednesday, Dr Pete Weber, Cochlear’s Chief Medical Officer, provides some advice on water and abutment care:

Showering after Baha Connect surgery

“We doctors get a lot of questions about post-operative care after having Baha surgery, especially when they can shower afterwards.

Personally, I normally take the healing cap off about 10-14 days post surgery, when I remove the dressing. I don’t use the healing cap after that, but I know some people use it at night while sleeping, or if they have experienced overgrowing of the skin.pete_weber_baha_blog

Usually I let my patients shower the day after surgery. I ask that they don’t rub the area when drying as this may knock off the healing cap. I tell them try to cover the cap area by holding a dry towel over it. The site will still get wet. Since the incision is now very small for Baha Connect surgery, getting the site wet is usually not an issue. Full shower when cap and packing off. The best shampoos to use are the hypoallergenic ones, such as baby shampoos.

I also let my Baha Attract patients shower the next day after removing the dressing. Again telling them to pat dry the area and not rub.”


Always consult your own hearing care professional about what is best for you.

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