Getting fit! Fitness instructor Layla’s life was transformed by the Baha Attract System

Layla from Newcastle can hear again with her magnetic Baha Attract System

British personal fitness instructor Layla Osselton, 37, had normal hearing until she was eight years old, when she began to suffer from chronic, regular ear infections which caused permanent damage to her hearing. Because of her blocked and swollen ear canals, she was unable to use traditional hearing aids.

Earlier this year she was fitted with the Baha Attract System at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.

“I never thought it would be possible that I could hear some of the sounds that I have,” says Layla. “It is amazing, as I can hear things like birds in the street or the fizz of opening a bottle of sparkling water. I feel like I am fully engaged in the world now and I’m realising what a noisy place it is!”

The magnetic bone conduction system is ideal for her active lifestyle since daily care is minimal as there is no abutment penetrating the skin.

Ian Johnson, consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon and director of Newcastle Baha Centre, says:

“Bone conduction hearing systems allow us to help patients who cannot be treated with traditional hearing aids. By using a small implant, we simply bypass problem areas and that means we can restore hearing that’s seriously deteriorated, or give someone the joy of being able to hear for the first time.”

Layla claims her life has been ‘transformed’ by the device, as she has regained not only her hearing but also her self-confidence.

Layla Osselton with her new Baha Attract System

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