Baha Attract user Tim: “It just doesn’t fall off!”

Tim from Australia lost all of his hearing in his right ear after getting his Acoustic Neuroma removed. He was recently implanted with the magnetic Baha Attract System.

In this short video he describes his experience with the Baha Attract System.

“I was initially concerned about the security of the system. But my experience is that it just doesn’t fall off.”

Now Tim is able to continue his excursions deep into the African bush – and hear the lions roar. (We certainly understand he’s glad that the Baha Attract magnet doesn’t fall off!)

Tim with and without his Baha sound processor and SP magnet. When he takes it off, the implant site is barely visible, even with Tim’s short hair.
Baha-Attract-System-magneticLoving life: Tim is an active senior citizen who enjoys playing golf and traveling.

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