New Baha Support App available


Our popular Baha Support App is now available in a new, updated version. Version 1.2 includes added support information for the Baha 4 Systems (Baha 4 Attract System and Baha 4 Connect System), as well as added support for Cochlear Wireless Accessories. It also has new care instructions for the SP Magnets, for our Baha Attract users.

The app contains both text and video assistance for troubleshooting, adjusting, cleaning, traveling with and maintaining your Baha sound processor. It also provides you with answers to common questions; for example, what should you do if your processor gets wet, or what to do when going through airport security.

Download the free Baha Support App from either Apple App Store or Google Play!

Baha Support App on App StoreBaha-Support-App-Google-Play