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Subject: Magnetic Baha
Question: I was wondering if the amusement rides can cause issue since they use high powered magnets on many of them….I am planning on taking my grandchildren to Carowinds sat and my husband asked me this…..I didn’t even think of it! // Melissa

Answer: Hi Melissa. Great question!

Many newer roller coasters use electromagnets to act as brakes to hold the wheels to give that sudden acceleration and breaking that we enjoy so much! While the magnetic field of the brakes is strong, it is focused with the north and south poles on each side of the wheel so the magnetic field is focused on stopping the wheel. Therefore, rides that use electromagnets won’t interfere with the internal or external magnet of your Baha Attract System or the transducer in the sound processor. The energy field of these is focused, restricted and distant.

While the sound processor magnets are well designed to retain in everyday activities, please do take precautions that the external sound processor does not “fly off” during the ride. It would be best to remove both the sound processor and the external magnet for the duration of the ride. You do not want it to come off and break, or lose it. While we do have a safety line, it is unlikely that this would hold the sound processor on many of these rides. Also, since many rides are also water rides (e.g. canyon and flume rides), and the sound processor is not waterproof, care should be taken to avoid it getting wet.

Please consult your health care professional if you have any concerns or additional questions on this topic. You can also contact the amusement park you are planning to visit and ask them specifically as they would know their activities best.

And – have a great time!

Mark C. Flynn, PhD Audiologist, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions


Magnetic brakes on a roller coaster

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