Tip of the Week: How to use a mobile phone with your Baha sound processor


Every Wednesday, Cochlear’s Audiologist and Director of Research and Applications Mark Flynn PhD, gives his best Baha tips!

How to use a mobile phone with your Baha sound processor:

Like any modern hearing solution, the Baha sound processor can easily be used with a telephone, either mobile or landline. There are three different situations to consider based on your hearing loss configuration or your type of sound processor:

  1. If you are deaf in one ear and your other ear is essentially normal, the best solution is often to use the good ear when speaking on the phone. You may want to take off your Baha sound processor or reduce the volume level so that unwanted background noise is not unnecessarily amplified.
  2. Always align the speaker of the phone with the microphones of your Baha sound processor – not your ear canal. This way you will get the best transfer of the signal. Occasional whistling can easily be avoided by holding the telephone on a slight angle so that sound is not directly reflected. Work out what the best angle is for you!
  3. If you have a Baha 4 Sound Processor, you can combine it with the Wireless Phone Clip accessory. The phone clip works like a Bluetooth headset in that the signal from the mobile phone is transmitted via Bluetooth to the phone clip which sends the signal to the mobile phone. The system works completely wirelessly and the phone clip becomes the phone connection.

Discuss the best option with your hearing care professional.


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