Mother of five hears her children’s voices for the first time


Here’s a truly touching TV news story from the US about a woman who got her hearing back thanks to bone conduction implants:

Lemaima Sagapolu, from Wisconsin, USA, lived her whole life hearing almost nothing – including her five children. She got by on reading lips, but in cases like social events, she was left out of the conversations most of the time.

“I’ve been having problems since I was born,” Lemaima said. “It is so hard to hear but I pretended sometimes.”

She recently became the first patient at Meriter Hospital to receive the Baha Connect System.

“With this technology, basically we’re able to get the sound directly to the inner ear. I tell patients it is sort of like if a bridge is out (and) we’re sort of finding an alternate way to get the sound to the inner ear,” says Dr. Neil Brown, an otolaryngologist at Meriter Hospital.

Watch Lemaima’s moving reaction as she hears her children for the very first time!