Children with Treacher Collins can benefit from a Baha solution

Children with Treacher Collins syndrome, such as Jenimae, are likely to be born with malformations of the middle and outer ear, that can cause a conductive hearing loss. Due to the malformations, these kids can have problems attaching conventional hearing aids behind the ears.

The inner ear often functions normally though, which is why a bone conduction hearing implant may help children with Treacher Collins to hear, by rerouting the sound through the skull bone instead of the ear canals.

Arti, who is a Baha user with Treacher Collins, shares her own experience:

“From the age of 2, I had behind-the-ear hearing aids. But as my ears are malformed, these hearing aids didn’t work so well for me. They were always falling out of my ears, not good when you’re a toddler running around. I got the Baha implant when I was five and it was the best decision my parents have ever made for me.”

Baha solutions can be implemented early in life, helping children with Treacher Collins to gain better access to hearing. Studies stress the importance of early intervention, suggesting that it is preferable to address the hearing loss before the age of six months*. It’s important to give your child access to improved hearing, because language development is a cornerstone of the healthy and fulfilled life that all parents want for their children.

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In the United States and Canada, the placement of a bone-anchored implant is contraindicated in children below the age of 5