American TV news story on Baha Attract

Here’s a news story from the US about Michael Cornog, New Jersey, who was recently implanted with the Baha Attract System!

Michael lost all his hearing in his left ear due to Meniere’s disease. Conventional hearing aids don’t help with this type of hearing loss. A bone conduction hearing solution does, since it sends sounds through the bone directly to the good inner ear on the opposite side.

“It routes the sound to the good ear,” explains Dr. Michael Ruckenstein, otolaryngologist at Penn Medicine. “With Baha Attract, there’s nothing coming through the scalp as with the traditional Baha.”

When Michael Cornog’s Baha sound processor was switched on, he could even hear the audiologist whispering behind him.

“She asked me – do I like cream in my coffee? And I said yes I do! Quite surprising, because I could hear it clear as day,” he says with a big smile.

Michael says he can barely feel the device now. And others barely notice it.

“A lot of people don’t realize what it is – they think it’s a bluetooth!”

Check out the story via this link!