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Subject: Baha 4 Connect accessories
Question: I just got my Baha. I’m trying to decide on the accessories. Does the phone clip just let you know when you have a call or text, or can you answer the phone without putting the phone to your ear? //Amy

Answer: Hi Amy. It does both! The Cochlear Phone Clip will allow you to make and answer calls without needing to put the phone to your ear. The phone clip transmits the call directly to your Baha 4 Sound Processor and the microphone of the phone clip will then pick up what you say – just like a wireless headset! In addition to alerting you that you have call or text. With the phone clip you can also change the volume and program on the Baha 4, just like a remote control.

Read more about the wireless accessories here – or check out the user guide video below!

Mark C. Flynn, Director of Research and Applications, Cochlear

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