Baha user Julie: “It’s like I’m back in the real world again”

Julie, Baha user, UK

Julie, Baha user, UK

When Julie’s hearing on her left side started deteriorating around 10 years ago, everyday life became more and more challenging for her.

More often than not she found herself simply guessing what other people were saying, rather than understanding. She began to get things muddled up, and often missed the context of the discussion. Dining out was problematic as she always needed to be conscious of her position at the table. Holding a conversation with anyone sitting to her left became impossible. All this affected her social life.

It wasn’t until she was fitted with a Baha sound processor that Julie realized just how much she had been missing during those years of living with hearing loss. It was the ordinary, regular sounds she was happiest to be able to hear again; a dog barking outside the window, the sound of rustling leaves. The sounds were so vivid compared to what she was used to hearing.

“I was amazed that sounds were so clear, before it had been like I was behind a glass door, watching other people interacting with each other,” Julie remembers. “When I switch the Baha sound processor on in the morning it’s like I’m back in the real world again. I can hear.”


In 2013 Julie received the new Baha 4 Sound Processor, accompanied with wireless accessories. She was especially delighted with the Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip that connects to her sound processor. It allows her to speak on the phone without using the speaker so everyone around her can hear, or needing to hold the cell phone against her ear.

“The wireless accessories are really quite exciting. I love the phone accessory as it means I no longer constantly have to check the phone. I get a little message in my head, so I know when I get an email or a text. I put it on directly in the morning because then it means I won’t miss anything throughout the day – messages or calls.”

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