Meet the 2014 Anders Tjellström Scholarship Winners

For the third consecutive year, Cochlear Americas have awarded three students with a Baha hearing solution with a scholarship of $2,000 per year for up to four years.

“We are honored to not only help bring them their best hearing potential but to also reward them with college scholarships, so they can pursue their studies in professions that benefit their communities. One of the wisest investments we can make today is in enterprising students who are determined to make a vital difference in our society.” said Chris Smith, President of Cochlear Americas.

Here are the 2014 winners:

Baha user Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose

University: North Carolina State University
Studying: Biochemistry, nano-science and technology
Desired Career: Bio-engineering
Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, camping
Favorite Sounds: Wind chimes, instrumental music, crackling of wood fire

Severe hearing loss caused by the genetic condition Treacher Collins syndrome did not deter Andrew. He realized that bilateral Baha implants could have a profound effect on his life, and they did.

“My Baha System has helped me overcome many obstacles and opened up a new world for me. I am now able to hear everything, even quiet sounds and others’ speech so much better.”

Andrew is a freshman studying biochemistry, nano-science and technology at North Carolina State University. His experience with Treacher Collins syndrome has definitely influenced his life ambitions:

“My goal is to contribute to the cure for Treacher Collins syndrome. That is ultimately what brought me to my major. I want to change the lives of other children when prenatal tests show they have Treacher Collins syndrome or other birth defect. I want to give their families hope.”

Caroline Farmer


University: University of Arizona
Studying: Speech, language and hearing sciences, psychology
Desired Career: Audiologist
Hobbies: : Fencing, reading, horse back riding, cooking, hiking
Favorite sounds: Orchestras tuning up, horse hooves hitting the ground, bell guards of blades ringing off each other in fencing

Caroline had normal hearing until acute bronchitis in eighth grade cost her a majority of her hearing in both ears. She recovered hearing in her left ear through a regimen of steroids. Caroline decided to be implanted with a Baha hearing solution “with the promise to myself that I would use my good luck to help other people.” Her Baha System has made a positive difference in Caroline’s life.

“I can hear the world, and it is fantastic. Everyone’s voices sound more clear and crisp, music is more impactful, and sounds are distinct. No more noisy messes, no more saying ‘what?’ or ‘could you repeat that?’ a hundred times.”

Caroline  is a sophomore Honor College Student at the University of Arizona, where she majors in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences with the aspiration to become an audiologist at Cochlear. Caroline displays an innate sensitivity to the plight of others while seeking happiness in her own life.

“For me, a successful person is a happy person, and nothing would make me happier than going to work every day and knowing that I was making people lives better. I express my thanks for a blessed life by giving back as much as I have been given.”


Jad Chatila

University: Texas Christian University
Studying: Movement science
Desired Career: Physical therapist
Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, listening to music, theatre (acting), volunteer work
Favorite Sounds: Music, laughter, nature, movies

Jad has hearing loss from a birth defect that caused his left ear canal to not fully develop. When he was fitted with his Baha sound processor, he could for the first time “hear all the things that people usually take for granted.”

“All my life I had struggled to hear, constantly asking: ‘What? Could you repeat that?’ But all that changed in a single moment. Honestly, there are no words to describe my Baha System’s impact. All of my successes would not be a reality without it.”

In high school, Jad joined competitive theatre and played Doc in West Side Story, and was also active in the Student Council. He is currently a freshman at Texas Christian University majoring in movement science toward becoming a physical therapist.

“I want to assist those who can’t help themselves, help people get better, never allowing them to give up on themselves, but most of all, I want to make people feel the same emotions I felt when I could hear out of my left ear: Joy.”


The Anders Tjellström Scholarship is a unique award open to Baha recipients in the United States and Canada, who have been accepted into a college or university. Awarded by Cochlear, this scholarship has been set up to help individuals further themselves by undertaking university studies.

Dr Anders Tjellström says:

“Selecting the recipients from a group of very accomplished students provided a unique challenge for the selection committee. Overcoming their hearing problems they have all begun successful academic careers, and this financial support will be of great importance for their future endeavours. But not only that, they have demonstrated an ability to overcome their hearing disability and see opportunities rather than problems. This attitude is most impressive and makes you feel warm at heart and I am sure that all of them will reach their goals and go even further.”