A magnet helps Ange hear again

Here’s an article from Australian newspaper Manningham Leader about Baha user Ange, who was implanted with the Baha Attract System in 2013:

Ange-Attract-SystemAnge, Baha Attract user, Australia

(You can see  – and listen to! – the original article here. Type in Cochlear in the search field and it will come up.)

We had the pleasure of meeting with Ange last year in Australia. Here’s what he had to say about life with his new Baha Attract System:

The Attract System consists of two magnets; one that’s fastened to the implant under the skin, and one that you put on top of the skin with the sound processor attached to it. A material called the Baha SoftWear™ Pad (Baha Soft pad) is attached to the external magnet. It adapts to the shape of your head and distributes pressure evenly, to make it comfortable to wear. The magnets are available in different strengths to suit different skin types.


The Baha Attract external magnet with and without Softpad

The Baha Attract external magnet with and without the Soft pad

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