How Chloe, with Down Syndrome and hearing loss, has benefitted from a Baha solution

Chloe, Baha user, UK

Chloe, Baha user, UK

Did you know that children with Down Syndrome and hearing loss can benefit from a Baha solution?

Chloe’s mother admits she’s always been a bit of a “drama queen” – but it wasn’t until she got her Baha bone conduction hearing system as a 10-year old, that Chloe was able to pursue her love of acting.

Chloe was born with Down Syndrome, and suffered from chronic ear infections throughout her childhood, which eventually led to hearing problems. When she was three, Chloe’s hearing loss got so bad it affected her speech, language acquisition and her ability to interact socially. She tried in-the-ear hearing aids for a while, but she found it increasingly difficult to manage because her ear canals are much narrower than normal – typical in  children with Down Syndrome.

Over the years Chloe has had five lots of grommets – tubes inserted into the ear to improve airflow, relieve pressure and help clear excess fluid. At the fifth fitting, her consultant realised the canals in Chloe’s ears had collapsed so badly, it would be impossible to fit further grommets.

The consultant then advised Chloe’s mother, Jane, that a bone conduction hearing system could be an option for her daughter.

A Baha solution doesn’t obstruct the ear canal, so discharges in the ears are able to dry properly, which reduces the risk of getting ear infections. There’s also no need for an ear mould which can get lost, or cause irritation and soreness to small ears.

“I have to admit that I didn’t really have very high hopes for Chloe’s hearing,” says Jane, “so I was totally amazed after switch-on when she asked me to turn the music down in the car on the way home. I then had to turn the TV down at home too. Our lives are no longer based on shouting instructions and lip reading. I can call Chloe from another room now and she’ll hear me and we can have real conversations which is so lovely.”

Chloe’s schoolwork is also improving and she finds it easier to socialise with groups of friends. Her speech therapist has noticed a big difference in her speech. Chloe now goes to a Downs drama group every week and – she’s even starred in the school play!

“I can’t begin to explain what a difference Chloe’s Baha has made to her life and to all our lives really,” adds Jane. “I just wish she’d been given one earlier. Both her confidence and sense of fun have really increased. I just want her to be happy in life and do what she enjoys. Who knows, maybe she’ll be able to fulfill her dream one day of being on a big stage?”

You can read more about Chloe’s amazing hearing journey here.

Do you have a child with Down Syndrome and hearing loss? If so, a Baha system could be something to consider.

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