Bone conduction used in advertising

We love new innovations – especially when they use bone conduction!

Last year, German media company Sky Deutschland tried a new type of advertising where they target train commuters – through talking windows!

A transmitter is placed on the window, emitting high frequencies that the brain processes into words. When commuters rest their head against the glass, they hear sound through bone conduction technology.

Watch some reactions in this video:

The talking windows are intended to transmit not just ads, but also music and weather, to commuters.

Bone conduction technology has been around for 35 years, and are now being used in both headphones for swimmers and the soon-to-be-released Google Glass. This is the first time it’s really been used in advertising, though.

Fun fact:
Did you know? Beethoven was one of bone conduction’s early adopters. The deaf composer attached one end of a rod to his piano and clasped his teeth on the other end of the rod to feel the vibrations of his music.