Baha user Lee shares his experience with the new Baha 4 Sound Processor and wireless accessories

Lee, Baha user, UK

Lee, Baha user, UK

Baha user Lee, from Newcastle, UK, was one of the first people to trial the new Baha 4 Sound Processor and wireless products. We met with Lee in October 2013 where he shared his experiences with us. Lee, who is a college teacher in electrical engineering, especially enjoys the wireless phone clip accessory.

“This phone clip right here, I can’t live without it now!” exclaims Lee proudly and points to the small device he has firmly attached to his tie. “It’s absolutely brilliant that you can get any sound you want from the phone. For example, in lessons I get notifications if I get an email or text and no one else can hear it, so it doesn’t interfere with the class.”

Lee, who has been a bilateral Baha user for 10 years, also noted vast improvements in the sound processors concerning both feedback and wind.

“The Baha 4 Sound Processors exceeded my expectations! The outdoor use is better because it turns down the wind volume. You can still hear the wind is there, but it’s massively reduced. It’s much improved.”

Watch Lee share his experience in the video below or on YouTube!

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2 thoughts on “Baha user Lee shares his experience with the new Baha 4 Sound Processor and wireless accessories

  1. Yes Chris, I previously used the BP100 (Baha 3 Sound Processor).

    I have 4 settings on the Baha 4 Sound Processor, normal use (good quality and used most of the time indoors and out) – outdoor mode (used only when more than a light breeze, this reduces the sound of the wind right down low. Much better than the previous model, but when it is blowing strongly it also reduces the sound of other things so I still struggle to have a conversation. I do find I can get away with a woolly hat over them as long as it is very loose fitting, this does help a bit more) – music mode (I have not really put this to test properly yet) – noise mode (this is ideal for the “pub” or a noisy environment, much better quality).

    With the new Baha 4, I have tried the Mini microphone and it is great if I have a quiet student at the back of the class that I need to here, I can just clip it on them and it is as if they are sitting right next to me. Otherwise I use the Phone clip as that allows me to do everything including listening to music, notifications of emails and most importantly a hands free kit. To be honest I am not sure of the sound with music etc. (I have never really thought about it) but I can tell what direction it is coming from using the two sound processors in normal use.

    Yes Mr Johnson fitted them at the Freeman. I hope this helps answer all you points. Regards Lee


  2. Lee, which model of BAHA were you using prior to this one? (BAHA 3 BP100?). I am currently using the BAHA 3 BP110 (power) in my right ear, but seriously considering having my left side fitted. I am debating about either going down the BAH 4 route or the Ponto Plus route. Is the sound and wind reduction much improved over your previous model? I find the wind noise extremely frustrating, as I am blind and need my hearing to assist with navigation. I have just been promoted at work and need to gain the best hearing possible. Do you use the min microphone at all? I would be interested in the streaming side and I am curious to know if it is stereo? Were you fitted by Mr Johnson at the Freeman Hospital?


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