First Baha Attract patient in the UK

Attract user Zoe Holmes

Attract user Zoe Holmes

Happy New Year!

Over the holidays, Zoe Holmes in Sheffield became the first patient in the UK to be fitted with the Baha Attract – the world’s first magnetic Baha System. The treatment gained attention from BBC:

Royal Hallamshire Hospital patient Zoe Holmes, the first person in the country to be offered the new hearing aid, said being able to hear from both sides after so long was “emotional”.

The magnet on the hearing aid attaches to another that is surgically implanted under the scalp behind the ear.

The device conducts sound vibrations through the bone directly to the inner ear.

Ear, nose and throat consultant Mr Jaydip Ray said: “The patient’s involvement in the aftercare is minimal or nil.”

Read more and watch Zoe’s amazing reaction in the video on BBC News!

One thought on “First Baha Attract patient in the UK

  1. well it been nearly a year since I had my baha attract and I loving be able to hear every thing aging even when cops have got blus and toos on or when the red arrows fly over was the best thing was be able to hear my girl sing aging go ing out with mate and them not have to shoot at me I am now writing my expence to help other people out that r going tho the some thing


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