From Dutch Telegraaf: Hearing implant grows together with ear

Cochlear’s unique DermaLock™ technology brings many benefits for Baha patients, such as shorter surgery time and faster healing process.

Here is an article from the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf, about the Maastricht UMC DermaLock trial.

A translated extract from the original article (which is in Dutch):

The Baha implant is inserted behind the ear through surgery. Where this procedure was previously very cumbersome and time consuming, it takes the ENT specialist now only a quarter of an hour. Sometimes even under local anesthesia. Unlike the previous generation implants DermaLock technology allows the implant to connect with the skin. Thus, the patient will not suffer from hair loss and the formation of scar tissue.

“This was often a reason for patients to reject the implant,” says otolaryngologist Prof. Robert Stokroos who is leading the research. “We think the new Baha implant can improve and produces a more natural result.”