Deaf in one ear

Single-sided sensorineural deafness is a medical condition where you have normal hearing in one ear and impaired hearing in the other.

Arnold, Baha user

Arnold, Baha user

Some are born with it, but single-sided deafness can also be acquired by illnesses and other medical conditions; by exposure to loud noises; by trauma or by other, unknown factors.

A person who is deaf on one side may have difficulty understanding speech over background noise and localising the direction of footsteps, traffic or a ringing telephone. The condition can also indirectly cause stress, exhaustion and headaches from the extra efforts required to listen. Social isolation can also be an unwelcome result.

Musician and music lover Arnold from Switzerland, describes how his sudden overnight deafness in 2002 turned his social life into loneliness, until he after three years was able to restore his hearing with the Baha System:

“Communication was hard, sitting around a table trying to talk to people… The social contacts have improved so much!”

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