Chronic ear infections

Cristina, Baha user, Spain

Cristina, Baha user, Spain

If you have children – or have been one! – you most probably have had to deal with ear infections. Chronic ear infections, also known as Chronic Otitis Media, are more likely to affect children because their eustachian tubes are smaller which makes it difficult for fluid to drain out of the ear.

In most cases, children (and adults) suffer no or few consequences from this condition. However, those with recurring infections have higher risks of developing conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. Approximately 141 million people in the world (2.1% of the population) have mild hearing loss that results from otitis media.

People with a conductive hearing loss often have difficulty understanding speech over background noise, and they may have trouble localising the origin of sounds. The Baha System can help restore hearing by sending sound directly to the inner ear. Because the ear canal is never obstructed, the discharges associated with Chronic Otitis Media are allowed to dry properly, which reduces the risk of further infections*.

What is great with Baha solutions is that they can be implemented early in life, so kids won’t miss out on the important early period of learning speech and language.

Download the Chronic Otitis Media folder here

* Macnamara M, Phillips D, Proops DW. The bone anchored hearing aid (Baha) in chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM). Journal of Laryngology and Otology Supplement. 1996;21:38-40.

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